VOTER 2018

VOTER 2018

The Voter is the bi-monthly newsletter of the League of Women Voters of San Bernardino.

The January 2018 Voter  includes the President"s Message, The new LWVSB Domain, The Make it Fair Campaign, The January 20, 2008 Inland Empire Woman's March, Making Educational Fund Donations, Equal Means Equal update, and A Water Update.

The February2018 Voter  includes the Presidents Message, California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act of 2018, Update on the Strawberry Creek Issue, LWVSB Equal Means Equal Screening, SB City Council March 7 Meeting and the Calendar.

The March 2018 Voter  includes the Presidents Message, Send in Canidate Interview Questions,I.E. Inland Empowered, Make it Fair Update, Facts on the Schools and Communities First Initiative, VMA Mayoral Forum, Equal Means Equal Movie Showing, Honors Recently Presented to LWVSB and the Calendar.

The June 2018 Voter   includes the Presidents Message, The 43 Annual Citizens of Achievement, Encouragement for the Annual Meeting, Recommendations for the June 6 Election, The Equal Rights Amendment Passage gained one more vote, and the Calendar of upcoming events.

The July 2018 Voter   includes the Presidents Message, LWVSB's 63 Annual Meeting, Explination of Ranked Choice Voting.

The August 2018 Voter   includes the Presidents Message, Notes from the National LWV meeting, SBC Council Observers’ Reports, Grant for Voter Registration, LWVSB Observers Ask Questions, How do Items Get on SBC Council Agenda?, Volunteer to be an LWVSB Observer, and Essential Resources.

The October 2018 Voter ; includes The Presidents Message, Planning and taping of a canidate forum, Observations on Aging and on the San Bernardino City Council, What will be the local effects of Climate change?, Canidate Forums, Correction of the August SB City Council Observations' Repot, and Resources for Voters.