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VOTE 2013

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January 2013

This Special Edition of the VOTER will be used at the January 26, 2013 League meeting on revising the League's position on California's initiative and referendum process. As Gloria wrote: As George Skelton, LA Times columnist, said in a recent column, "Hiram Johnson, the revered reformer and father of the California 'citizens' initiative, must be crying or laughing. Maybe both." He goes on to point out that Johnson's ideal of citizen empowerment to fight moneyed interests has been turned on its head More and more over the years, California's initiative has become a tool of the special interests and a plaything of the mega-rich. (Over $372 million was spent to promote or attack the 11 initiatives that were on the November ballot, enough to pay the annual tuition of 31,000 undergrads at the University of California.)

All San Bernardino LWV members, come to Coco's on the corner of Highland and Waterman at 10 a.m. (the meeting will last until noon) on January 26. Bring this Special Edition of the newsletter with you and let your voices be heard!


The March 2013 Voter contains information on the LWVSB March 12 Town Hall meeting with SB County CEO Greg Deveraux, our March 17 welcome celebration for our new members, the League's action on the Affordable Care Act, Sunshine Week and the webcast, podcasts on the Inland Empire, and our annual Citizen's of Achievement Celebration!


The August 2013 Voter contains information on working on voter registration and candidate fairs, the Girl Rising event, the Annual Meeting and the Citizens of Achievement reception, and what's happening now with the long-overdue Equal Rights Amendment


The December 2013 Voter contains information on LWVSB's involvement in National Voter Registration Day, a synopsis of some of our Fall activities, and information on the upcoming candidate forums for the Feb. 4, 2014 election.