The VOTER 2008

The VOTER 2008

The VOTER 2008 Edition


January 2008 VOTER includes information on the January 16, 2008 meeting "Examining Immigration and Forming Consensus." This meeting is your chance to have an impact on LWV's national position on immigration. This issue of The VOTER provides the study questions, pros and cons, a report from the November Immigration Panel Discussion, and some background information on immigration. This issue also includes information on the California League of Women Voters involvement in a campaign to get a redistricting initiative on the November 2008 ballot; outlines the reasons for LWV's opposition to Proposition 91 (Transportation Fund) and its opposition to Proposition 92 (Community Colleges Funding, Governance and Fees). The League is neutral on Proposition 93 (Term Limits) and has taken no position on Propositions 94-97 (Referenda on Amendments to Indian Gaming Compacts). This issue also describes the League's Call to Action to oppose ABX11 in the California Legislature's Special Session on Health Care, and the San Bernardino League's participation in "My Vote California" which is a new mock election program launched by California Secretary of State Debra Bowen and State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O'Connell.


March 2008 VOTER includes information on: Citizens of Achievement Gala, April 27, 2-4 pm.; Sunshine Week wrap-up; LWVSB's Consensus Report on Immigration; LWV Ballot recommendations for June ("No" on 98 and "Yes" on 99); Crafton Hills Student Government Electrions; Legislative Interviews; Redistricting; Carbon Off Sets An Evolving Trend, a new LWVC publication, has been posted on the web.


August 2008 VOTER includes information on: Call for volunteers to work in the campaign for California Proposition 11 (redistricting); Call to action for SB840 (Single Payer Health Care); November ballot recommendations from LWV California; LWV San Bernardino interview with Assemblywoman Amina Carter; update on the activities of LWV president Gloria Anderson; and a Report on the work of Inland Congregations United for Change.


December 2008 VOTER includes information on: LWV's Redevelopment Position; the Christmas celebration with the women and children of Sweet Dreams; and San Bernardino revitalization plans and options; and California's constitutional reform.