Voter Registration

Voter Registration

Voter Registration   Are you registered to vote in Delaware?





The Delaware Department of Elections has an online voter website that provides access to links to other sites (known as a portal) that make it easy for an individual to register to vote, change address, party affiliation, request an absentee ballot, etc. Simply visit the iVote portal to choose the question that describes what you want to do. 

To register to vote or make changes, enter your name and birthdate in the Delaware State Election Board Online Voter Tool. 

  • must be a United States citizen
  • must be a resident of Delaware
  • must be 18 years of age by Election Day
  • must be mentally competent
  • must not be a convicted felon (See the Delaware Department of Elections Voter Registration web page for a list of disqualifying felonies.)

Sixteen year olds may register to vote through the Division of Motor Vehicles at the time they first apply for their driver's license. However, they will not be allowed to vote unless they have turned 18 before the next general election.

Deadline: The deadline for registration is 24 days before an election. An eligible voter can register to vote by mail, by phone, or in person at the Division of Motor Vehicles, Department of Health and Social Services, or the Department of Labor.


Identification: All Delaware voters are asked to provide identification at the polls. Valid identification includes a photo ID, a utility bill, a paycheck or any other government document featuring the voter's name and address. A photo is not required. See map of states to view the differences in voter requirements. 

For voters without a fixed address: Anyone lacking a fixed residence or who is homeless and is otherwise qualified to vote in Delaware may register by completing the proper registration forms and providing two pieces of identification containing his/her name; one of the pieces must include the mailing address on the application, which may be a shelter or agency.

Absentee Voting: United States citizens (including military) residing outside of the country can vote by using Absentee Ballot. For information, go to the Department of Elections Absentee Voting Information Page.

Changing Name, Address or Party

To Change your Address or Name:
It is your responsibility to notify the County Department of Elections (302-739-4277) as soon as you move. 
Also contact the County Department of Elections (or use the online Voter Portal) if you change your name.
To Change your Party Affiliation:

You may affiliate with a party when you register to vote. If you do not affiliate with either of the 2 major parties, you will be registered as "unaffiliated" and will not be able to vote in a Primary Election.

You may change your political party affiliation (including from "unaffiliated" to a party):

  • Before a State Primary Election: up through the last Saturday in May.
  • Before a Presidential Primary: until 60 days before the Presidential Primary.

To change your official party affiliation, contact the County Board of Elections (302-739-4277) or use the online Voter Portal.


Your Polling Place and Registration Status

To find your polling place, go to the online Voter Portal then click on "Where do I vote on election day?."
For general information about elections contact Department of Elections · Office of the State Election Commissioner by clicking here or by calling the office at 302-739-4277. Address: 100 Enterprise Pl Ste 5, Dover DE 19904. Hours of operation: Weekdays 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.