2019 Delaware School Board Election Results

2019 Delaware School Board Election Results

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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

In a News Journal article on May 14, 2019 (School Board Election Day), Delaware VOTE411 Coordinator Kim Wells is quoted as follows: 

My one vote makes so little difference in who’s going to be President, but my one little vote might actually decide a school board election. One reason to care is that your vote matters more because fewer people are voting.

Wells' statement turned out to be somewhat prophetic. In her home school district of Appoquinimink, a mere two votes separated the winner from the next highest challenger. 

Below are the unofficial results of the school board elections state-wide (as of 5/15/2019, per the Department of Elections in each county).

2019 Delaware School Board Election Results (unofficial)
County District Total Votes Cast Winner Margin of Victory
NCC Appoquinimink 553 Norman A. Abrams, Jr. 2 votes (249 to 247)
NCC Brandywine "F" 1,557 Deborah T. Zarek 79 votes
NCC Brandywine "G" (no challenger) Jason Heller  
NCC  Christina 1,504 Catherine S.R. Hegedus 522 votes
NCC Colonial "D" 335 Rosemary Wolfe 33 votes
NCC Colonial "G" 417 Robin A. Crossan 143 votes
NCC Red Clay (no challenger) Jason P. Casper  
Kent Caesar Rodney 1-yr 925 Joyce S. Denman 60 votes
Kent Caesar Rodney 5-yr (no challenger) Jessica Marelli  
Kent Capital 255 John C. Martin, Jr. 211 votes
Kent Lake Forest 602 Sarah Starkey 252 votes
Kent Milford (no challenger) Kristopher R. Thompson  
Kent Smyrna (no challenger) Scot McClymont  
Sussex Cape Henlopen at-lrg 4 yr 2.156 Alison J. Myers 890 votes
Sussex Cape Henlopen "C" 2,174 Janet E. Maull-Martin 968 votes
Sussex Cape Henlopen at-lrg 1 yr 2,206 William W. Collick 1318 votes
Sussex Delmar 209 William D. Mills 119 votes
Sussex Indian River "3" (no challenger) Heather M. Statler  
Sussex Indian River "4" 290 Donald G. Hattier 60 votes
Sussex Indian River "5" 158 Derek E. Cathell 23 votes
Sussex Laurel (no challenger) Brad C. Lee  
Sussex Seaford 366 Dara L. Savage 292 votes
Sussex Woodbridge (no challenger) Steve C. McCarron  
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