Voter Education Resources

Voter Education Resources

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The days when Americans could simply turn on a TV news show and trust the anchorperson to give them a true, impartial account of the nation's news are long gone.  Many network "news" shows have devolved into pure entertainment, and most at their core have increased viewership rather than accuracy as their prime goal. 

Instead, we must seek out unbiased news sources and/or watch multiple accounts to get a truer picture of the nation's news, and be especially wary of information published on social media or other internet sources.

LWV Educational Resources


Check the documents available on our Information for Delaware Voters page.

The League of Women Voters provides VOTE411, a free, non-partisan voters guide as a service to the voting public. 

Visit prior to each election to see a sample ballot for your location, compare the viewpoints of the candidates for those races, and text or email yourself your candidate selections for later reference. The website also offers links to general election information for the state of Delaware, such as election dates, registration deadlines, and polling places.

Here's a one-minute VOTE411 introductory video in English from LWVUS (as well as the VOTE411 intro in Spanish). Starting in 2020, all the general state-by-state voting information on the VOTE411 website is available in either language.

To use the voters' guide feature of the Delaware VOTE411, start by entering your address in the form provided on the VOTE411 home page, click "Submit", and then click "Explore Now" under "Find what's on your ballot". home page is shown, with "Try Me!" scrawled atop the "Enter Your Address" form - enter your address to view personalized election information


Candidate Forums

Candidate forums by the League or other community organizations are a valuable service, providing one of the only opportunities voters have to listen to candidates offer more than just a brief sound bite. Forums provide an opportunity to hear what candidates are saying and to form your own opinions of the candidates based on your own observations.

When choosing a forum to attend or watch online, the League recommends selecting one that is non-partisan, inviting all declared candidates to participate, and covers a broad range of topics rather than a narrowly focused set of issues.

Two candidates, moderator at podium with League of Women Voters banner, and three audience members

LWVNCC's Carole Walsh moderates a forum for Newark County Council Candidates in April 2018

LWVNCC sponsors and moderates forums at the local level, such as town council or city mayor races, and LWVDE sponsors forums for statewide candidates. Under League rules, all filed candidates for a particular office must be invited to participate, and there must be more than one candidate present for the debate or forum proceed. If only one candidate accepts our invitation, we can hold a "Meet and Greet" but not a forum with a full seated audience.

Non-League Resources

Many additional voter information websites have become available in recent years, with the goal of informing the public and inspiring them to vote.  A short list includes,,,,,,,, and

So there is no shortage of information. Don't be shy... get out there and learn what you need to know!