LWVDE Releases Civics Education Video Series

LWVDE Releases Civics Education Video Series

We're the "WE" in We the People

An eagerly awaited series of civics education videos by the LWVDE Education Fund, funded in part by a grant from Delaware Humanities, has been published on the LWVDE YouTube Channel.

The League of Women Voters of Delaware presents We're the WE in "We the People" - a quick Civics course on government for those who never had one, and a brush-up for those who have taken a civics course but need to be reminded what they learned.

This series comprises two groups of videos - seven segments on the Federal Constitution and three on the Delaware Constitution:

  • ¬†Federal:
    • Chapter 1. Three Branches: Checks and Balances
    • Chapter 2. U.S. Presidency
    • Chapter 3. U.S. Federal Bureaucracy: Executive Branch Cabinet & Agencies
    • Chapter 4. Political Parties & the Two-Party System
    • Chapter 5. U.S. Congress (Part 1): Structure, Membership, & Role
    • Chapter 6. U.S. Congress (Part 2): Bill to Law Process
    • Chapter 7. U.S. Judicial Branch: Supreme Court and Lower Federal Courts
  • Delaware:
    • Chapter 8. The Delaware Constitution
    • Chapter 9. The Delaware General Assembly
    • Chapter 10. Delaware County Governments

Executive Producer of the series is Carol D. Jones, Chair of the Civics Committee of the League of Women Voters of Delaware. Carol was assisted by League members Janet Orlando and Martha Rothenberg as technical consultants, as well as Rob Waters of W Films and Darryl Jones of Darryl Jones Films.

The video series is intended as an easily accessible, free educational resource for area schools, libraries, and the local community.


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