President's Message, May 2019 - Invitation to year-end activities

President's Message, May 2019 - Invitation to year-end activities

President's Message.... by Marj Johnson (with headshot & swirl)
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The League of Women Voters of New Castle County (LWVNCC) President Marjorie Johnson's message for May 2019 is included below...

At our recent Hot Topic on Youth in Government, it was gratifying to learn of so many young people who are finding their voice and learning about civic engagement.   Our future depends on citizens who are aware, engaged, and working for a common good.   Likewise, we need all of our League members to be active and engaged and informed. 

 At our next Hot Topic on May 20, Sandy Spence, our Advocacy Corps chairperson, and Joanne Hasse, our state president, will be presenting current activity in our state legislature—those bills that we support or oppose, and the flurry of activity as the legislative session in Delaware comes to an end for 2019.   I hope you will join us if you can.  

 I want to extend an invitation to ALL of you to our State Convention coming up 6/1 in Dover.  The New Castle County League can have as many as 22 delegates to this convention.   While anyone can go to the convention, delegates are able to vote on issues.   Please contact the office if you would like to be listed as a delegate.   In addition,  New Castle County’s Annual Meeting is 6/10 at Limestone Presbyterian Church.  Information about both of these events is elsewhere in this Voter as well.  At the Annual Meeting for the New Castle County League, we will be voting for a new board and sharing the progress we have made this year in membership, structure, and activities, but more importantly, we will be gathering feedback to develop a shared direction for our future.  We need your input.  We will be looking for people to enhance membership involvement, to help plan our Hot Topics, and to coordinate public relations and outreach, and we will be looking to coordinate and partner with a variety of groups for added impact to our efforts.  Our immediate future in 2020, of course, includes the 100th anniversary of The League of Women Voters in Feb. and also of the 19th amendment in August, and a national election in November.  There is lots of work and lots of excitement ahead.  So get ready for the wild ride.  Be onboard!  You have gifts; you are needed; you can help!

-- Marj Johnson

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