Willett Kempton presents to LWV on Offshore Wind Potential for Delaware

Willett Kempton presents to LWV on Offshore Wind Potential for Delaware


On Monday July 27, 2020, UD Professor Willett Kempton presented to the League of Women Voters on the topic of Offshore Wind Potential for Delaware. This topic sparked great interest; with 85 registrations for the Zoom web conference.

The full video is available for viewing below. The presentation slides are also attached at the bottom of the article, in PDF format, along with a 2012 scholarly paper from the Journal of Power Sources entitled "Cost-minimized combinations of wind power, solar power and electrochemical storage, powering the grid up to 99.9% of the time" which was of interest to some of the attendees.

The video is an hour and a half long... breaking down roughly to 5 minutes housekeeping, 45 minutes presentation, 40 minutes Q&A.Minute markers:

00:00 - greetings & housekeeping (LWVNCC President Marj Johnson)
03:40 - introduction of speaker (LWVNCC VIce President Dick Johnson)
05:00 - speaker Willett Kempton
51:30 - Q&A (Dick Johnson, Kay Palmer, Willett and group)

Some quick take-aways from Professor Kempton's presentation:

    • Delaware is the only coastal state in the northwest atlantic region, from Massachussetts to North Carolina, that has not committed to buying offshore wind.
    • With technological advances of the last several years, the cost of wind energy has decreased to the point that it need not be subsidized, and ratepayers can actually expect a decrease in per-unit energy cost with offshore wind in the mix.
    • On-shore economic opportunities such as marshaling ports and manufacturing facilities have passed Delaware by, despite clear geographic advantages that the Delaware river basin enjoys, because of our lack of commitment to offshore wind.
    • Environmental impacts, including a small impact on wildlife, do exist, but are offset by the reduction of pollution and CO2 emissions, with a long-term positive impact on climate change.
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