HOT TOPIC LUNCH - Ranked-Choice Voting

HOT TOPIC LUNCH - Ranked-Choice Voting

LWVNCC members and guests listen to Dr. Jack Nagel speak


Michaels Restaurant
1000 Churchman's Rd
Newark Delaware 19713
Delaware US
Monday, September 23, 2019 - 11:30am to 1:00pm

If you missed our September Hot Topic on Ranked-Choice Voting, you can catch up by watching the video on Facebook: 20190923 Hot Topic (Ranked-Choice Voting), or by viewing PDF iconDr. Nagel's Presentation Slides.

Original Event Post:

The public is invited to all Hot Topic meetings to become informed on a wide variety of topics. It is a time to check in with members of The League of Women Voters, make new friends, and invite your neighbors and colleagues to experience the League in an informal setting.

On September 23, 2019, UPenn Professor Emeritus Jack Nagel has agreed to speak with us on the subject of Ranked-Choice Voting (RCV). Dr. Nagel is a Senior Research Advisor for, and was an active member of the LWVPA study committee for their "ELECTION LAW REVIEW AND UPDATE" study (2015-2017) which covered alternatives to "winner take all" election systems among several other topics. 

RCV, also called Instant-Runoff Voting (IRV), is one of the Alternative Voting Methodologies that willl be part of the LWVDE Study approved at the June 2019 Annual Meeting. RCV, which was used by the U.S. State of Maine for some state-wide elections in 2018, allows the voter to select their first, second and third choices, rather than making only a single selection.

Ranked Choice Voting Sample Ballot

Confused? Watch this simple 1-minute MPR video explaining how Ranked-Choice Voting works.

LWVNCC Hot Topic lunches are held at Michaels' Restaurant in Christiana.  $18.00 paid at time of the event covers buffet lunch, soft beverage and tip. Please pay in cash if at all possible.  If you don't wish to buy lunch, you may come around noon for the program only. (Presentation usually starts around 12:10 pm)

RSVP to the Office Manager by Saturday, Sept 21, so we can let the restaurant know how many to expect. If you need a ride, leave a message on the League Office phone or e-mail when you RSVP. If you have not made a reservation please come anyway.

More details can be found in this PDF iconEvent Flier.