LWVNCC Annual Meeting & Pot Luck

LWVNCC Annual Meeting & Pot Luck

League of Women Voters of New Castle County Annual Meeting and Pot Luck dinner


Limestone Presbyterian Church
3201 Limestone Rd
Wilmington Delaware 19808
Delaware US
Monday, June 10, 2019 - 6:00pm to 8:30pm

League of Women Voters of New Castle County (LWVCC) annual meeting and potluck. The annual meeting business will include the adoption of proposed Bylaw changes, budgets and Program for 2019-2010, and election of officers and directors for the coming year.

We invite you to bring your food creations and enjoy! Beverages will be provided. Please RSVP to the Office Manager by Saturday, June 8.

Agenda Items for Adoption

  • Bylaws - the bylaws had a complete revision and will be available at the annual meeting. They will be sent to members in a separate email. 
  • Budgets - the proposed budgets for 2019-20 & 2020-21 will be sent to members in a separate email. An increase in the League membership of $4 in 2019-20 ($55 annual fee, up from the current $51), with an additional $5 increase in 2020-21 (to $60 annually), is proposed.
  • Program 2019-2021 - the LWVNCC Board recommends the continuation of the current program with the following change: drop the detailed Needle Exchange position. This is covered at the state level under the LWVDE positions and LWVNCC can act under those positions.

Board Nominees for 2019 - 2021


President: Marjorie (Marj) Johnson 2019-2021
1st Vice Pres.: Richard Johnson 2019-2021
Secretary: Carmela Longobardi 2019-2021


Lorraine S. Botticelli 2019-2020
Kay Palmer 2019-2021
Cami Seward 2019-2021
Catriona Binder-Macleod 2019-2021

Nominating Committee: 2019-20

Linda Barnett, Chair
Alan Evantash
Letty Diswood
(plus two nominating committee members to be appointed from the new board at a later date)

Refer to the June VOTER newsletter for photos and brief bios of the new nominees.

Continuing in office:

2nd. Vice Pres: Patti Christopher 2018-2020
Treasurer: Katharine Olinchak 2018-2020


Jill Itzkowitz 2018-2020
Susan Mitchell 2018-2020
Kim Wells 2018-2020