Local Studies

Local Studies

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LWV NCC Studies

New Castle County participates in LWVDE state-level studies when we have local interest and expertise. Our League can also undertake studies of local/county issues on our own behalf, when the need arises. If there are new studies you'd like our local League to undertake, please bring those ideas forward to the Board.

Land Use/Transportation Study (continuing study in 2017-2019 LWVNCC Action Program) - Examine developments and concepts in land use and transportation.
Urban Health/Justice Study* (continuing Study in 2017-2019 LWVNCC Action Program) - A re-evaluation of Delaware's criminal justice system and the impact of the current policies and practices on society. (Action will continue to be taken under the current LWVDE position)
* The study wording is intentionally broad so that the study committee can start where it sees the most effective effort and timeliness.
Energy and Climate Change Studies - The Energy Committee of the LWV New Castle County, and its Climate Change Subcommittee, initiated the past Energy and Climate studies that influenced both state and LWVUS policy and positions in this area. Local League member Chad Tolman (pictured above) led this effort and continues to act as Climate Chair for LWVNCC.

LWVDE Studies

Details of current and past Delaware state-level studies are available on the LWVDE website League Studies page. Findings from some past studies initiated by LWVNCC members are available in the Attachments area, below.