What's New?

What's New?

Women and men wearing purple; central woman also wearing "Delaware ERA 2018" button

For those who are used to our previous website, with its "What's New" page with articles that eventually aged out to a "Activities and Presentations" page, our new website works a little differently.

Now each "Article" is its own entity. Articles will appear in a long list, most recent first, on the "Articles" page. Especially important articles may also be promoted to the landing page for a period of time.

Our Calendar of League Events is now comprised of individual event entities that automatically age out from the main calendar to a "View Past Events" area. Events are shown chronologically (in the order they will happen) on the main calender, and reverse chronologically (most recent first) in the history area.

So the "What's New?" question now can be answered by looking at the Issues & Articles and Events Calendar pages, and also in brief on our home page.