The LWV Alachua County Voter Archives

The LWV Alachua County Voter Archives


Members can expect to see at least two emails from LWV Alachua County each month (sometimes more!). The archives of the monthly Voter email are available here.

Please note, IF you opted out at some point, the League is not permitted to solicit you in that regard, and you must initiate any action to re-subscribe. SO … if you have NOT been receiving LWVAC member communications and you DO wish to stay informed, please info [at] (contact us) for added guidance.

ALSO … your email of record is likely to be the one that was provided with your original application. If you’ve since changed your preferred email address, please info [at] (notify us) to update your member record. Either of these situations can cause you to fall OUT of the loop … so let’s fix that!

LWV Alachua County Voter Archives


January 2022