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Lee County

The League of Women Voters of Lee County is involved in many issues including voter registration and education, environment and natural resources, human services, education, health, and local government.  Each year Lee County members develop and implement a plan for study and action.  Under the guidance of League leaders, members implement the plan through a committee structure and individual actions.  Click here for the current plan:  PDF iconLWVLCF Program for Study and Action 2019 to 2020

Throughout the year, the League of Women Voters of Lee County hosts educational program meetings to educate the public on League issues and topics relevant to citizens. These informational meetings are open to the public.  Save these dates, 9-11am:

October 5, 2019, Education:  Title IX, Equity, and Diversity

November 2, 2019, Environment

 December 7, 2019, Meet and Greet Elected Officials, Celebration LWVLCF 70th Anniversary

 January 4, 2020, National Popular Vote, League Program Planning

 February 1, 2020, Celebration LWVUS 100th Anniversary

March 7, 2020, Social Policy

 April 4, 2020, Reproductive Health, League Annual Membership Meeting

 May 2, 2020, Go-To event TBD

In 1949, when the League of Women Voters of Lee County was established, there were only eight local leagues in the State of Florida.  Twenty women in Lee County, who were interested in government and their community,  formed this new organization.  By December 4, 1949, when the League was fully accepted as a league, there were sixty-nine members.

Their first program was a study of the juvenile court and probation systems.  When the State of Florida allowed women to serve on juries, women were required to register with the Clerk of the Court to indicate their interest in serving.  Mrs. James (Jean) Hill, a League member, was among the ten women selected by the County Commissioners and served as the first woman juror on January 11, 1950.

In the past, the League, in collaboration with other Lee County organizations, successfully implemented the Conservation 20/20 Program.  This program acquires land for the conservation of wetlands and other endangered natural land resources that may be used for public enjoyment.

View the LWV of Lee County Florida Annual Report for 2018-2019 PDF icon2018-2019_lwvlcf_annual_report.pdf

Event Date: 
Oct 5 2019 - 9:00am
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Education--Equity, Diversity, and Title IX

Precious Gunter, FGCU Director of Equity, Ethics & Compliance and Title IX Coordinator
Chuck Bradley, Lee County School District Director of Positive Prevention