Non-Partisan Policy

Non-Partisan Policy



 Revised and Adopted May 12, 2022  

The purpose of formulating nonpartisan principles is to clarify and establish proper procedures for League officials.


Clarification of the Non-Partisan Policy.    If questions arise regarding this Non-Partisan policy, the matter will come before the Board for interpretation and discussion.  Final decisions about implementing the Non-Partisan Policy rest with the Board of Directors.  

  1. A Board Member must resign:
    1. As soon as the Board member declares an intention to be a candidate for public office.
    2. Announcement of resignation from Board of Directors should be sent to the newspapers and included in the local VOTER.

 2.  President, Director of Voter Service and Director of Fund RaisingMAY NOT

    1. Give candidate coffees or other meetings for incumbents or candidates.
    2. Indicate a candidate or party choice in any way, e.g. Car bumper stickers, wearing party or candidate button, etc.
    3. Attend political meetings that have the obvious intent of fund raising.
    4. Contribute money to a political party or candidate.

 3.  A Board Member MAY

a.  Serve on public commissions or committees either as a League representative or as an individual. If as a League representative, the member should adhere to League positions. If as an individual, the member may follow own dictates. The Board may suggest names for appointment to official boards, commissions, nonpartisan community organizations, etc.

b.  Express publicly through letters to the Editor, personal views.  When the League is referenced or identified, letters should go through the Board and be signed by the President.

c.  Work actively as an individual for a political party, political organization or candidate

4.  All League Members SHOULD

a.  Express partisan views as individuals, not as League Members.

b.  Refrain from expressing personal views on incumbents or prospective public officials at League meetings.

c.  Not solicit League membership while campaigning for a candidate.

 5.  League meetings MAY NOT include:

a.  Speakers who are declared candidates

b.   Statements in support or opposition to political parties or candidates.

c.  Statements against any League position.