Lee County League Leaders

Lee County League Leaders



Clara Anne Graham President, Clara Anne Graham (2019-2021) president [at] lwvlee.org

Sarah MacDonald 1st Vice President, Sarah McDonald, Appointed (2020-2021)

 no photo available  2nd Vice President, VACANT2ndvp [at] lwvlee.org

Sandy Frank  Secretary, Sandy Frank (2019-2021) secretary [at] lwvlee.org

Anna Callwood Treasurer, Anna Callwood (2020-2022)  treasurer [at] lwvlee.org


    Louis Eason  Director, Louis Eason  Appointed 2020-2021

Juvenile Justice, juvenilejustice [at] lwvlee.org

no photo available Director, VACANT (2020-2022)

Adrienne Kaltman Director, Adrienne Kaltman, Appointed 2020-2021

Lee County Climate Change Facebook Group,    climatechange [at] lwvlee.org 

Irene Kepler  Director, Irene Kepler (2019-2021) 

SOCIAL POLICY social [at] lwvlee.org

Sarah MacDonald  Director, Sarah McDonald (2020-2022)

Laura Miller  Director, Laura Miller Appointed 2020-2021, Editor

Jim Pelstring  Director, Jim Pelstring (2019-2021) 

VOTER SERVICE voterservice [at] lwvlee.org

Patricia Sala Director, Patricia Sala (2020-2022)


Off Board Leaders

Amy Wulf  Membership, Amy Wulf membership [at] lwvlee.org

Judy Greenberger Reproductive Health and Social Justice, Judy Greenberger HealthandJustice [at] lwvlee.org

Jan Lonsdale  National Popular Vote, Jan Lonsdale

no photo available  Reservationsreservations [at] lwvlee.org%20">reservations [at] lwvlee.org             

Nominating Committee 2020-2021

Co-Chairs:Joan Collins and Patti Palgutt

Jan Lonsdale

Laura Miller

      Sarah McDonald