Redistricting is the process of creating representational district maps for states and local communities.  Redistricting takes place every 10 years after the decennial census.  Redistricting decisions determine how communities are represented and how resources are distributed.  These decisions significantly affect the quality of an individual's life today and in the future.  Resources affect health care, transportation, jobs, the environment, education, etc.

The redistricting process should be transparent and invite citizen participation.  The LWVUS states, " the League is committed to ensuring that maps are drawn fairly and accurately, with all voices considered and equitably represented.  This can only be achieved, with voices from all communities represented.  Congressional districts and government legislative bodies should be apportioned substantially on population.  We oppose partisan and racial gerrymandering that strips rights away from voters."

Redistricting in Florida

Redistricting will occur in U.S. Congressional, State legislative, and local districts.  Florida Redistricting 2022, is a joint website created by the Florida House of Representatives and the Florida Senate to provide access to information about the 2022 redistricting cycle.

Redistricting in Lee County

The Lee County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) will determine the boundaries for the five Lee County districts.  Lee County's Redistricting landing page includes current district maps and the population changes documented in the 2020 Census for Lee County overall and the individual 5 districts. 

Every 10 Years, New Census Data Sets in Motion the Process of Redistricting

The League of Women Voters believes congressional districts and government legislative bodies should be apportioned substantially on population.  We promote transparent and accountable redistricting processes to end hyper-partisan practices that don't benefit constituents.  We oppose partisan and racial gerrymandering that strips rights away from voters.  Boundaries of electoral districts are redrawn every 10 years following the U.S. Census.

We are encouraging public involvement in redistricting in Lee County and in Florida.  Involvement can be attendance and providing testimony at public hearings, letters to the editor and meetings with local officials.  League members should speak as citizens, not as League members.

On November 16th, the Board of County Commissioners adopted Map Alternative 5 by a vote of 3 to 2.  This alternative maintained the 2011 Redistricting decision to divide part of the Dunbar community from Fort Myers.  Several community leaders had provided testimony throughout the process advocating for Map 7 because this option did not have the effect of diluting voting groups such as African-American because of the division of the Dunbar community.  Although, today the Board of County Commissioners are elected at large, rather than as single member districts, these leaders expressed the importance of adhering to guidance provided through the 2010 Fair Districts Amendment and other resources.

The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) met Tuesday, December 7th at 9:30 AM to certify the new District map to the Secretary of State.

Here is the 2021 Redistricting Report:   2021 Lee County Commissioner Redistricting (

Update on Redistricting Process for the School Board and the City of Fort Myers

 The Lee County School Board Redistricitng page:  Redistricting - Lee County Schools (  includes the schedule with information on past and future meetings. 

Final approval of any new districts is expected on December 7th.

The City of Fort Myers Redistricting process is outlined on this link:  City of Fort Myers Redistricitng Process

District boundary map suggestions and pose questions or comments to:  redistricting [at]

Ward boundary maps may be submitted until December 31st, 2021 for consideration.

Resources include:

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