Good Government Award

Good Government Award

To nominate a candidate for the Good Government Award, please fill out thisPDF iconform and send to P.O. Box 835 Manhattan, KS 66505 or email it to lwv.manhattanks [at]

Past Recipients of the Good Government Award:

  • Presented in May, 2019 - City Commissioner Linda MorseOur community is stronger because of her excellent leadership. Thank you, Commissioner!


  • Presented in September, 2013 --City Commissioner Karen McCulloh. Her decades long advocacy for the citizens of Riley County and Manhattan is greatly appreciated.


  • Presented in February 2011 -- Anne Smith in recognition of her exemplary management of the Flint Hills Area Transportation Agency and her commitment to bringing public transit to Manhattan/Riley county.


  • Presented in June 2009 -- Debbie Nuss was recognized for her civic activism and leadership.


  • Presented in June 2008 -- Stephanie Rolley was recognized for her leadership, courage, and adherence to good government practices during her tenure as Chair of the Manhattan Urban Area Planning Board.


  • Presented in May 2007 -- James Butler was recognized for his advocacy for civil rights, equal opportunity and and racial equality.


  • Presented in April 2006 -- Christopher Renner was recognized for his advocacy for civil rights particularly in regard to homosexuals, cultural harmony, and gender equality.


  • Presented in April 2005 -- James Sherow was recognized for his work in the area of preservation, affordable family housing and neighborhood rezoning.


  • Presented in January 2004 -- Mary Don Peterson, then President of the Coalition of Neighborhood Associations, was recognized for her efforts toward enacting zoning ordinances such as the Traditional Neighborhood Overlay and Multi-Family Redevelopment Overlay for older, traditional neighborhoods.