Bozeman Forum - Ballot Initiatives

Bozeman Forum - Ballot Initiatives


Bozeman Public Library Large Community Room
626 E. Main Street
Bozeman Montana 59715
Montana US
Wednesday, September 26, 2018 - 7:00pm

Pro and Con speakers will be present to take questions about each of the following ballot initiatives

LR 128Referendum submitting a 6-mill levy for support of the Montana University System to voters
LR 129Referendum on prohibition of ballot collection by certain individuals
I 185Raise tobacco taxes to fund health care programs
I 186Require the Department of Environmental Quality to deny a permit for any new hardrock mines in Montana unless the reclamation plan provides clear and convincing evidence that the mine will not require perpetual treatment of water polluted by acid mine drainage or other contaminants


Contact Information
Charlene Krygier
kryc9833 [at]