Montana Election Security Report

Montana Election Security Report

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Background:  Montana’s election process has been in the news recently.   In the summer of 2018, the Secretary of State informed Montana voters that Montana was the target of a Russian-based attempt to hack into the state voting system.  In the fall, voters approved a legislative referendum to regulate who can bring in absentee ballots.   And, while not yet in the news, some of Montana’s voting equipment is aging and needs to be replaced with up-to-date equipment that is safe and secure. 

In light of this uncertaintly about the security of Montana's voting system,  the Montana League of Women Voters formed an Election Security Committee to research and report on Montana’s voting process and equipment.  The report is now finished.

Report on Montana's Election Security by the League of Women Voters Montana can be viewed at the link below.

 PDF iconlwv_mt_election_security_report.pdf

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