Human Resources

Human Resources

Positions taken on issues of Human Resources in Montana
Position In Brief: 

We support human resource policies that respect individuals and help provide the resources they need. 

Child Care

To promote a system of high quality, affordable, developmentally-appropriate child care.

Criminal Justice System

To protect society from criminal behaviors, while providing services to enable prisoners to become law-abiding citizens.


To promote efficient and equitable financing of public education with the state funding its share of the cost. To provide a basic education which produces graduates with critical thinking, reading, writing, and mathematical skills.


To promote adequate funding to purchase books and materials, pay staff and maintain buildings.

Mental Health and Care of the Developmentally Disabled

To provide community and regional programs, with centralized care where needed, with adequate guaranteed funding.

Privatization of Government Functions

To promote use of definite criteria to be used in deciding whether or not to privatize government function, and provide safeguards for citizens in contracts with private providers if a decision is made to privatize government functions.

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Montana League of Women Voters