Land Use

Land Use

To protect resources through tax incentives, clear, and practical state and local standards, enforced by a  local planning authority, using well-maintained electronic data describing land and water inventories.
Position History: 

In 1975 the Montana League adopted a state study of the relationship between taxation and Montana land-use patterns.  A Position based on this study was adopted in 1977, adding the concept of stewardship to a Position adopted in 1976 relating to state and local roles in decision making.  The League Position emphasizes local control of local land use issues, based on minimum state standards, with a goal of protecting land from development that might cause irreversible damage to physical, social, and/or economic environments.            

LAND USE, revised May, 2014 




The League of Women Voters of Montana supports:

1.       Comprehensive planning and stewardship of land as a finite resource.


2.       A progressive system of taxation that provides incentives for sound land-use decisions.


3.       State support to local jurisdictions through technical assistance and data sharing and the granting of authority to local bodies to implement innovative land use planning.


4.       Protection of fragile or historical lands, especially lands proposed for large-scale private and public developments which cause significant changes to physical, social, or economic environments.



5.       Integration of land-user, water resource , and natural resource planning by:

·         Ensuring availability of water appropriate for a proposed land use;

·         Maintaining comprehensive resource inventories of land and water;

·         Setting priorities and goals for the state with significant input from citizens;

·         Coordination between state and local agencies;

·         Developing a comprehensive state land-use policy;

·         Requiring comprehensive impact statements for all major public and private developments.


Judicial resolution of land-use conflicts between governmental bodies, and between citizens and governmental bodies.  

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Montana League of Women Voters