Natural Resources

Natural Resources

League of Women Voters Montana positions on natural resource issues.
Position In Brief: 


To promote quality air standards to protect human health and safety, to ensure the integrity of ecosystems, and to facilitate the enjoyment of the natural attractions of this state.


To protect Montana's natural resources, promote a balanced approach to energy problems, and encourage cooperation with other states and Canada.

Land Use

To protect resources through tax incentives and stringent state standards, encouraging local comprehensive planning and stewardship of land.


To provide better and more affordable access to housing and jobs for Montana citizens and help Montana to reach overall goals of conservation and reduction in the use of fossil fuels .


To promote wise use of the state's water resources, protecting water quality and water supplies against potential depletion and/or pollution, while protecting existing water rights and uses, instream flows and reservations for future needs.

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Montana League of Women Voters