Create League Slideshow Item

Create League Slideshow Item

You can create slides of all your League's awesome photos! For each slideshow item, you can add a description and link to more. As you create slides, each one begins to dynamically fill the slideshow. Your League's slideshow will display at the top of the homepage. 

You can learn about managing your League's slideshow in this video, or follow these steps to create a new slideshow item.

  1. While on your homepage, expand the Administer League Site menu. Administer League Site menu You'll find this icon under your search bar on the left.
  2. From the drop-down list of options, click Add Slideshow Item. This will open a new draft of a new slideshow item.
  3. **TITLE**Add a Slideshow Item Title. The title in the example below is "Donec sed odio dui."
  4. **SLIDESHOW IMAGE**Under Slideshow Image, click Browse to add the image that will become the slideshow item.
    • When uploading a new image from your computer, follow these instructions for inserting your slideshow image. 
    • If using an existing image in the MyLO Media Library, click the tabs at the top of the Media browser window: "My League's FIles", My Files", or "All Files".
      • From there, you can search by term to find the appropriate image for your slideshow item.
  5. SLIDESHOW LINK: Add the link title and link URL if needed. The link title in the example below is "LWV US is awesome!" and the link URL is
    1. You can use the Search button to find an internal page to link to--a page from your own League's MyLO site.
  6. SLIDESHOW CAPTION: Add the slideshow caption in the appropriate text box, if needed.
  7. **PUBLIC OR MEMBERS ONLY?**The slideshow item can display publicly on the homepage, or privately on the Members Only landing page.
  8. **LEAGUE TO WHICH THIS CONTENT BELONGS*Your League's name should be chosen here--it's most likely the only option for this field. If that's so, no change needed.
    1. PROMOTED TO FRONT PAGE: this option does not apply to slideshow items. Leave this checkbox blank/unchecked.
    2. STICKY AT TOP OF LISTS: Choosing this option will force the slideshow item to remain as the first in the slideshow. Sticky slideshow items maintain priority in the order of the slideshow. 
    3. MODERATION NOTES: These are created by default but you can add more details about your changes.
    4. MODERATION STATE: If you are satisfied with your changes to your slideshow item, change this state to Published.
    5. SAVE your creation!

** these fields are REQUIRED 

Sample of LWV Demo City slideshow item
Source of Photo: LWV Demo City MyLO site

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