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Delaware County Council at its Oct. 23, 2019,  meeting, voted unanimously to spend $6 million to purchase Hart Verity 2.3.4 voting machines. LWV supported this choice. 

The Hart Verity machine meets Pennsylvania certification standards because it allows: 

  • hand-marked, paper ballots that are readable by voters with no bar codes.
  • ballots that can be read and counted by an optical scanner and recounted by hand as needed.
  • accessibility for handicapped individuals to use a touch screen machine that provides a printed ballot that confirms their choices without a bar code and is read by an optical scanner.
  • the ability to continue voting in a power outage with a secure box into which voters can manually slide their ballots.
  • maximum security to protect our votes from hacking or other tampering.
  • simple mechanisms to open and close the machines as well as operate machine that will encourage people to work at the polls.


Hart Verity Scan demo video

Hart Verity Touch Writer demo video

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