League Summer Retreat

League Summer Retreat


Hilton Head Island Branch Library
11 Beach City Road Main Conference Room
Hilton Head Island South Carolina 299226
South Carolina US
Thursday, June 27, 2019 - 10:00am

Dear Members and Friends of the Hilton Head Island-Bluffton Area League of Women Voters,

I hope that each and every one of you are having a beautiful start to the summer season and that you have great plans for summer vacationing or just relaxing at home. One event that I hope you already have on your calendar or that you will put on your calendar as soon as you finish reading this letter is to plan to attend our League’s Summer Retreaton Thursday, June 27th from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm at the Hilton Head Library, Main Conference Room.

The Retreat will be your chance to have input into our League’s plans for our 2019 – 2020 program year, a year that also marks the 100thAnniversary of the League of Women Voters nationally.

We already have some wonderful events planned to mark this auspicious occasion andwe need all hands on deck to make this year a success. Whether you are a member or not, your creative thoughts are needed, so please come out to help us finalizeour plans for our programs, voter education, advocacy efforts, and all of the citizen involvement activities that the League is well-known for.

Please select the committee(s)/group(s) of our local League that interest you most and can best utilize your expertiseThen let Joan Kinne-Shulman, our Vice President know your selection(s) no later than June 15th so that you can be placed in the working group of your choice for our Retreat. We also need an accurate count for beverages and needed space/chairs and tables. Each group will be developing its objectives and strategies in keeping with the League’s local, state, and national priorities and a calendar of our local League activities for this upcoming program year. Listed below are the committees/groups that need you:                                                                    

[ ]             Communications

This group develops an annual plan of strategies and parties responsible for publicizing the 
League, its meetings, forums, and other activities. It also integrates plans for using Facebook, the LWVHHI-BA website, YouTube, television, Twitter, and other media, and publishes fliers, posters, and the League newsletter. The group is also responsible for designing and executing public relations/outreach campaigns around key issues, including op eds, letters to the editor,
interviews, etc. to increase visibility of the League and our goals and objectives.


[ ]             Diversity Task Group

This group develops outreach programs to under-represented groups in our League and in voter
engagement, including African-American, Hispanic, youth, men, and millennium populations. It
identifies and works with other community organizations with which the League can work to 
achieve these ends.           


[ ]             Education

This committee works with Voter Service Committee to educate voters and our larger community 
about important local and state issues, with special emphasis on Beaufort County School District 
and Board of Education actions and initiatives such as local tax referendums and possible school
closings. In 2019 – 2020 the Education Committee will continue to follow the progress of the S. C. Career Opportunities and Access Act to address the state’s problems with teacher recruitment and retention which has passed the State House. Members of this Committee attend and report on the actions of the Board of Education and plan forums on state funding of education, board 
member candidates, and the need for quality education in South Carolina.


[ ]             Leadership Development

This group plans and implements strategies to identify and develop future leaders of the League, 
including but not limited to local assistant chairs, and mentoring for state and national League 
leadership positions. The group should also develop a succession plan for development and
election of members to be officers in our local League.


[ ]             Membership

This group plans and implements membership events and activities, including new member 
orientations and social gatherings to recruit and retain members maintains a membership 
database and directory, and notifies League officers and other group chairs when new members 
join so that such members can be immediately engaged with the League. 


[ ]             Natural Resources/Land Use

The damaging effects of off-shore seismic testing and drilling is just one of the positions 
committee seeks to address at local, state, and national levels in collaboration with the Coastal
Conservation League. Sensitive Land Areas, the preservation and protection of Waterways and
Wetlands are others needing continuing attention and advocacy.


 [  ]            Observer Corp & Local Issues/Advocacy

 The mission of the Observer Corp is to monitor meetings of the Town Councils and Planning
 Commissions of the Hilton Head Island and Bluffton with a view to identify issues of concern to
 our local League and to make our views known to elected officials. This committee will continue 
to focus on the need for a comprehensive transportation plan and the gerrymandering which 
characterizes S. C.’s current election districts that appear to be drawn with partisan intent and educating the public about these issues.


[ ]             State Issues/Advocacy, including the ERA

This group provides support and advocacy for local, state, and national League legislative
 priorities, especially in the core areas of ethics reform, judicial reform, regulatory reform, 
constitutional issues, expanded voter access, and campaign financing through action alerts, 
updates to our Facebook page, and partnering with other organizations to extend our reach and
 impact on these priorities.


[ ]             Voter Service

The Voter Service Committee sets annual goals for registering and engaging new voters and 
educating all voters through the Vote411.org website, candidate forums, and live broadcasts by 
Beaufort County television station. The Voter Service Committee takes advantage of community festivals, and the National Registration Day, and other activities to reach out to the general public with voting information and League resources.


Those of you who are already serving on one or more of these committees/groups feel free to continue your contributions that have made the work successful OR you may want to join an additional committee that tweaks your fancy. All I ask is that you bring at least one other person to the Retreat who will be new to the League to get them involved immediately. Give them this letter so that they can make their selections for League involvement NOW. They can join our League by paying their dues at the Retreat

It is hoped that by sending this letter early in the month, the response will be outstanding. Please do not hesitate to contact our officers and committee chairs if you have any questions about the work of any committee or something to share to enhance our plans.

We are also asking that you plan to attend our League Anniversary Kick-off on Women’s Equality DayAugust 26, 2019. You’ll hear more about this at our Retreat as well.

Most sincerely,

Patricia (Trish) Felton-Montgomery, President 
Joan Kinne-Shulman, Vice President 


Contact Information
Joan Kinne-Shulman
rjshulman [at] hargray.com