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How to Contact Us

League of Women Voters of Montgomery County, VA
P.O. Box 10133
Blacksburg, VA

Email: league.mcva [at]

Or contact one of the people below:

Title Name Email
President Carolyn Rude  
Co-Treasurers Susan Morikawa, Alison Wilson  
Co-Secretaries Susan Gurley, Jane Wills  
Bulletin Editor Mary Ann H. Johnson  
Facts for Voters    
Finance Harriett Cooper  
Membership Tamara Hodsden  
Publicity Mary Ann Johnson, David Scheim  
Voter Services Mary Houska, Nancy Warren  
Webmaster Carolyn Rude  
Director Wayne Worner  
Director Carol Linker  
Director (Events) Julia Lewis  
Director Shelley Gelbert  
Director Deborah H. Travis  
Great Decisions Tamara Hodsden, Jane Sprague  
Nominating Committee Elaine Head, Jane Sprague, Bev Fleming  

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