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Contact Us

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How to Contact Us

League of Women Voters of Montgomery County, VA
P.O. Box 10133
Blacksburg, VA

Email: eaobenshain [at]

Or contact one of the people below:

Title Name
President eaobenshain [at] (Elizabeth Obenshain)
Vice President Deborah H. Travis
Co-Treasurers Susan Morikawa, Alison Wilson
Secretary Linda Plaut
Bulletin Editor jnayram [at] (Mary Ann H. Johnson)
Facts for Voters Elaine Powers
Membership Necia Evans
Publicity Mary Ann Johnson
Voter Services cvcumming1 [at] (Connie Cummings)
Action/Advocacy Laurie Shea
Webmaster carolyn.rude2 [at] (Carolyn Rude)
Director Mary Houska
Great Decisions Tamara Hodsden, Jane Sprague
Nominating Committee Wayne Worner

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