New Voter Districts

New Voter Districts


After the independent redistricting commission failed to agree on maps, the Supreme Court of Virginia appointed Special Masters to draw the maps. The maps were approved in January of 2022.

Redistricting Maps for Montgomery County, VA

U.S. House of RepresentativesDistrict 9 US House of Representatives 2021

Montgomery County, VA and the New River Valley continue to be part of U. S. District 9, somewhat expanded because of population shifts.

Virginia Senate

Montgomery County, VA will be represented by two Virginia state senators, Districts 4 and 5. Previously, three senators represented parts of Montgomery County.

Map, Voting District 4, Virginia Senate Map, Voting District 5, Virginia Senate
VA Senate District 4 VA Senate District 5

Virginia House of Delegates

Montgomery County, VA will be represented by two Virginia state delegates, Districts 41 and 42.

Map, Voting District 41, Virginia House of Delegates Map, Voting District 42, Virginia House of Delegates
VA House of Delegates District 41 VA House of Delegates District 42

Statewide Redistricting Maps

Source: Supreme Court of Virginia Redistricting Final Order  and  Approved Maps 

What's My District?

Montgomery County, Virginia District MapUse Montgomery County's What's My District? map to find your voting precinct based on your address. Find the magnifying glass icon, enter your address, and use the tabs to view map layers to find your state and local districts, and voting location. Or use the Virginia Department of Elections' Citizen Portal.