Panel on Immigration Policies and US Values


Blacksburg Municipal Building, Council Chambers
300 South Main Street
Thursday, October 4, 2018 - 7:00pm

Immigration is a contentious issue in the United States.

  • Are immigrants inclined to violence, slow to assimilate, and threatening to thStatue of Libertye jobs of Americans—or are they necessary to a healthy economy and a source of strength in diversity?
  • Should we build a border wall? Should immigration policies restrict people from South and Central America and the Middle East? How should DACA be resolved?
  • What are the roles of Congress, the Courts, and the Executive branch of government in establishing and enforcing immigration policy?
  • When people are so passionate about their beliefs, how do we sort through the discord to identify facts and determine policies consistent with U.S. values and goals?


Faculty members from Virginia Tech will help us understand the economic and policy issues of immigration.

Melinda Miller, Assistant Professor of Economics Karen Hult, Professor of Political Science Nicholas Goedert Ian Leuschner, Director for International Support Services at Virginia Tech
Melinda Miller (Economics) will put the topic in context by reviewing the history and economics of immigration in the US. Karen Hult (Political Science) will discuss Presidents and Federal Agency Officials in establishing and enforcing immigration policies. Nick Goedert (Political Science) will discuss the role of the Courts and Congress in immigration policy. Ian Leuschner, Director for International Support Services at Virginia Tech, will moderate.

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