Portage County Public Library (Original position adopted April, 1964; Amendments adopted October 1989 and April 2013)

The Portage County Public Library (PCPL) has become an integral part of the community, having developed the provision of many necessary services.

Support the development of adequate public library facilities for our community including:

  1. City - county participation in the regional reference library. 
  2. Support the Portage County Public Library, as a county library, with a governing body that reflects equitable representation throughout Portage County. 
  3. Support of any small scale remodeling which would facilitate more efficient use of space now available. 
  4. Expansion of the present library to provide necessary additional space within a minimum cost to taxpayers. 
  5. Support of the reactivation of the Friends of the Library organization.

This study was adopted at the annual meeting in April, 1964 after having been proposed once previously at the 1963 meeting. At that time, library services were housed in a building at the northeast corner of Clark Street and Strongs Avenue. It had been built in 1903 with gifts from Andrew Carnegie: $20,000.00 for the building and $1,800.00 for furnishings. By the early ̳60‘s the building was crowded and there was no place to expand. The Library Board asked that new facilities be considered in the master plan for the city being developed by Harland Bartholomew and Associates.

In December 1963 Charles M. White died, leaving the residue of his estate, estimated at $100,000.00, to the city for the improvement or construction of a building that would be beneficial to the community and would be named the White Memorial . The estate actually was $140,000.00 and a federal grant was applied for and received in the amount of $100,000.00.

Amendment adopted October 1989:
We support the development of public library facilities to serve our community for the next twenty (20) years, using State Library Standards* as a guideline for space, staffing, parking, automation and possible future expansion.

*Refer to Wisconsin Public Library Standards as of 1987, published by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

Amendment adopted April 2013:
The Portage County Public Library (PCPL) has become an integral part of the community, having developed the provision of many necessary services. The PCPL:

  • Fosters the development of reading readiness skills, reading, and digital literacy
  • Supports self - directed learning and learning needs of all ages
  • Provides access to information
  • Serves as a community anchor that enhances civic engagements, cultural opportunities, and economic vitality.

The League of Women Voters of the Stevens Point Area supports the PCPL in the following:

  1. All current services and development of new ones, as dictated by the changing needs of citizens now and in the future. 
  2. A fully funded budget providing for: a.) Adequate and updated materials and technology to meet the needs of residents in a changing world. b.) Local municipality maintenance of the public library buildings located in their respective communities, and for any needed remodeling to facilitate continued efficient use of current space, now and in the future.
  3. The Portage County Public Library Board* in its statutory mandate to operate a strong and successful public library.

*operates a consolidated county library, pursuant to sec. 43.57 Wis. Stats. The County Executive appoints with the approval of the county Board of Supervisors a seven member county library board. The Library Board has full authority to operate the public library pursuant to the responsibilities, power, and duties of a library board under sec. 43.58 Wis. Stats.

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