How To Register for Members-Only Website Access

How To Register for Members-Only Website Access

After joining the LWV, members can create their own accounts on MyLO by clicking on the 'Register' link at the top right in the login bar, and then clicking the yellow "I Want to Create an Account" button:

'Register' link:

The MyLO "Register" link circled in bright green highlighter

Initial display of registration page:

MyLO registration page "I WANT TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT" button shown highlighted

Clicking the 'Register' link followed by the 'I Want to Create an Account' button will take the user to a Registration Page where they will select a username and password, and enter as much profile information as desired. The username can be anything unique like an email, or some variation of first and last name, e.g. "janedoe" or "jdoe".

After entering the profile information, the user should select both the "Delaware" item and their local League ("Kent County, Delaware," "New Castle County" or "Sussex County, Delaware") from the "Local League Membership" list.

Example shown with "Delaware" state League and "New Castle County" local League selected:

Screenshot shown with Delaware and New Castle County Leagues selected

By selecting a local League, the individual will be registered as a "pending" member of the League website and a notification will be sent to an administrator to confirm your membership status. Once your status is confirmed, you will have access to members only content for that local League.

Instructions for members managing their own user accounts can be found here: Manage Your User Account.

Please note that registering for members-only access does NOT actually make you a member of your local League. To join the League of Women Voters of Delaware, please reference the "Join" page on the League website for the county in which you reside: NCC (, Kent (, or Sussex (