Local Redistricting - You Can Participate!

Local Redistricting - You Can Participate!

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What is Redistricting?

Redistricting is the process where district lines are redrawn within a state, county, city or other elected body where representation is based on population. This is done every ten years, after the census count is completed. This usually occurs by the end of March in a year following a census. 

The deadlines for final maps vary by type of jurisdiction.  We draw new lines so that each district has the same number of people. If a jurisdiction moves to a district-based election process, or previous maps are rejected by a court decision, redistricting decisions may occur between census-based redistricting years. 

Pleasant Hill Updates: At its July 17, 2023 meeting, the Pleasant Hill City Council approved an ordinance transitioning the City to a by-district election system and adopting a five-district electoral map to be used in future elections. For additional information, see the Pleasant Hill District Elections: Local Advocacy in Action.

Why is Redistricting Important?

Our democracy works best if elected officials listen to constituents. Fair, representative redistricting plans ensure that elected officials will be responsive for voters in their communities. Public participation in map-drawing is critical to ensure that communities have the strongest voice possible. When voters with similar interests are drawn into a district together, their combined voices give them a greater opportunity to express their views, to be heard, and to hold their leaders accountable.

You Can Participate in Local Redistricting!

The body responsible for drawing lines can, and should, gather public input. You are encouraged to meet with elected officials, attend public meetings, work with your neighbors, and use social media to encourage others to participate.

Local Redistricting Activities
See the links below for details about the redistricting activites in each area: 

See Deferred and Accelerated Voters for information on redistricting impacts on the California State Senate. 

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