March 2019 Voter Newsletter

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Here comes March!  The PDF copy of the Voter is right here and also at the link below.

  • Don’t miss our upcoming events! On Saturday, March 16, we talk about How to Be a Government Watchdog, plus there’s an Immigration and Affordable Housing session hosted by some of our allies on March 13, and a skills training opportunity to learn more about our website and email programs on March 30. 
  • Lots more in this issue of the Voter, starting with an update on selecting local Program Priorities (there’s a survey coming your way!)
  • Not in the Voter, but here on the website, we’ve attached our report to LWV California about our recommended program priorities for the state for the next two years – including supporting all four concurrence items!
  • You’ll want to check out the link to the League Day resources on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, whether or not you went. (Great photo, Carol Murota!)
  • Lee Lawrence has provided more details on the bill, H.R.1, that is being supported by LWVUS – it’s our wish list for Make Democracy Work and you’ll be interested in all the ideas in it.
  • And if you’re interested in Voters Service, put April 27 on your list and come to Bay Area Council, which will present a workshop session for dealing with those tricky Voters Service situations and more!
  • By the way, apparently we neglected to tell you that there is a nice blog post by Gail Murray reporting on our very interesting January meeting with County Clerk-Recorder Joe Canciamilla. So now we've let you know. Thanks, Gail!
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