President’s Letter September 2020

President’s Letter September 2020

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Dear League Leaders and League Members:

Do you want to work together with our neighbors and other non-partisan groups to turn this year of pandemic, heat, fire, and smoke into a positive voting experience?

Volunteer with our League of Women Voters of Diablo Valley to register and educate voters, encourage early voting, and get out the vote! 

Here are some opportunities to help (See more ideas in our Voter Services article this month):
  • Do community outreach through online communication methods like Zoom. Gain Zoom expertise to help “host” meetings while a moderator delivers content.
  • Sign up to participate in, or maybe design and help organize, (virus-safe) activities for National Voter Registration Day, September 22, 2020.
  • Become knowledgeable about the election processes this year by reviewing the links on this LWVDV Voter Resources document and let us know if you want to participate in sharing the information with others.
  • Check our website, YouTube, and Facebook pages regularly and share releases of new information like the video recordings of state ballot measures Pros and Cons or the recorded Candidate Forums.
  • Send a request to [at] if you would like to volunteer in some way and want to learn more about opportunities to participate.  We will have coordinating meetings very soon and will get in touch with you with date and time.

Why participate?  By getting to know our LWVDV neighbors in central, south, and east Contra Costa County, and by coming to understand what has meaning for them, we can convincingly encourage them to register and vote.  

We may learn from our neighbors in our communities that:
  • They are suffering economically, and why. 
  • They have suffered racist behavior and policing and lack of justice.
  • They worry about their kids in public school and what their experience has been.
  • They worry about their rent or the costs of their home when their monthly payment is so high.
  • The lack of affordable daycare is keeping them from educational or job opportunities.
  • They have been avoiding medical care because of the lack of insurance or not enough health insurance.

When we can relate their concerns, whatever they may be, to the applicable level of government and their local districts, our outreach will make a significant difference in their interest in voter registration, participation, and turning out to vote.

We can better understand what will benefit all of us when we gain a broader perspective of what is most important to those of us living and voting in Contra Costa County.

We want to support your commitment to volunteer with us this year! 


Suzan Requa, LWVDV President

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