President's Message: Welcome to 2020! Let's Get Started!

President's Message: Welcome to 2020! Let's Get Started!

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Dear League Leaders, Members and Friends:

If you have ever—or never—before had the thought, I’d really like to volunteer with the League of Women Voters (Diablo Valley) this year . . .  This is the time, 2020 is THE YEAR  you are so needed!

In our lifetime there has never been a time like this one when even the fundamentals of our democracy feel seriously endangered.  Our voter services and our online voter information resources are needed now even more with the voter information challenges, the deliberate misinformation campaigns we are facing.

#WhyIVote_LWVDV initiates our 2020 Get Out the Vote campaign.  Join with us by sharing what is important to you that motivates you to vote.  What you share can have meaning for a new voter or a previously turned-off voter or a voter who just needs a meaningful reason to restart their voting again. Take a selfie for our Instagram or Facebook page including friends and or family with a sign sharing your WhyIVote message.  Create a Twitter message using #WhyIVote_LWVDV to share your enthusiasm with the process.

2020, a new decade, a 100-year anniversary celebration of the successful accomplishment of the 19th Amendment and women gaining the right to vote through the hard fought battle of the suffragists.

2020, a new decade, a 100-year anniversary celebration of the formation of the League of Women Voters – February 14th 1920.

2020, a new decade, join us – bring family and friends to the January 18th Women’s March 2020 with the theme “Voting is our Superpower” Visit our tables at the Women’s March–learn about ways to volunteer with our LWVDV in this election year.

2020, a new decade, a national Census year—a very important year to support Census participation for accurate voting representation and accurate count for provision of government services.

2020, a new decade to join in our January 25th membership meeting to select our Program Priorities for taking action, advocating and proposing local, regional and national policy directions and voter information.

2020, a new decade, a new Presidential Primary Election date of March 3rd in our state of California.  Have you checked your voter registration status? > MyVoting Information.  Know what to do if you are registered as “no party preference” and want to vote for President in the California Primary Election?

2020!  YES! You’d really like to actively volunteer in our LWVDV!  Join online now

2020!  YES! You’ll meet us at the Women’s March, Walnut Creek Civic Park, January 18th!

2020!  YES! You will send a WhyIVote photo and/or message using #WhyIVote_LWVDV !

2020!  YES! Let’s help Get Out the Vote and provide voter services together!


In League, Suzan Requa

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