Voter Registration and Education for Residents of Affordable Housing

Voter Registration and Education for Residents of Affordable Housing

group of men and women with Vote sign

Marian Shostrom

A team of LWVDV members were invited by VISTA coordinator Camille LeBlanc to provide voter registration and education at several public housing complexes in Contra Costa County. Team members Shawn Gilbert, Martha Goralka, Cathleen Kirk, Suzan Requa, and Marian Shostrom developed a program, and have enjoyed meeting with curious and engaged residents in Concord, Pittsburg, and Bay Point. Residents shared what they knew, had their questions about voting answered, and learned about Voter’s Edge California and the Easy Voter Guide in multiple languages. These residents will now help spread what they learned to their neighbors.

[Photo shows Martha Goralka and Marian Shostrom, second and third from left, in Pittsburg. Photo credit: Cathleen Kirk.]

And Feedback . . .

Hi fabulous women!

I want to give my sincerest thanks for your work with CCIH! The voter education classes were a hit! I felt that all residents got something out of it (even if it was a small fact). A lot of us were really interested in hearing about VotersEdge and I think it will be a great resource for REP to use while we are prepping for the elections. I truly appreciate your kindness and willingness to answer questions and help us learn. You are all great teachers and listeners and it was such a blessing to have you all to work with our residents. Again, huge thank you from me and CCIH!

Have a great day!

Camille LeBlanc