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The League of Women Voters believes that when families or individuals cannot afford decent housing, government should provide assistance in the form of income and/or subsidized housing.

According to the most recent official count of homeless people in Orange County, the 2017 OC Point in Time Homeless Count Overview, on January 28th 2017:

  • There were 4,792 homeless people in Orange County.
  • 2,584 were unsheltered.
  • 1,248 were staying in emergency shelters; and
  • 960 were living in transitional, longer-term shelters with support services.

In an April 2018 report on Building a System of Care, Susan Price, Orange County‘s Director of Care Coordination, reported that there are now approximately 1080 emergency beds available for part of the year: 

    • 650 beds in the County’s three big emergency shelters – the Courtyard Transitional Center, the Bridges at Kramer Place and a SAFE Place at WISE Place for Women; and
    • Another 430 when the emergency shelters at the armories in Fullerton and Santa Ana are open, typically late fall – mid-spring, but sometimes longer.

There are also some emergency beds in shelters operated by non-governmental organizations such as the Salvation Army.

On March 27, 2018, the League of Women Voters of Orange Coast convened a panel discussion of homelessness with presenters from one city and four organizations addressing homelessness in a variety of effective ways. 

Click on each name to see the slides used for their presentations:


How you can help:

  • For general resource information about homelessness from the Orange County Continuum of Care program, go to the OC Care Coordination Home Website: http://www.ocgov.com/gov/ceo/care