2022 Election Archive

2022 Election Archive

Voting for the 2022 General Election ended on November 8, 2022

See Ventura County 2022 General Election results HEREThese results were certified on Dec 7.  Ventura County results only include voters registered in Ventura County.

For state-level offices, and offices that include voters in other counties, such as Congressional Districts 24, 26, and 32, and Assembly Districts 42 and 46, see state-level election results HERE.  State results are certified on Dec, 16, 2022.

Click here for information about the 2022 Primary Election

LWVVC Forums General Election 2022

Forums started September 19, 2022, for local general election candidates

The League of Women Voters of Ventura County (LWVVC) will host multiple candidate forums using the Zoom Webinar platform.  Forums are free and open to the public. Registration is required using an email address.  Two forums will be in-person events.  For more information and to register for events, click HERE.

Not sure who is on your ballot in this election? Find out at Voter's Edge! It also has information about all the candidates (including judges) and their campaign funding.

Pros & Cons for all California Ballot Measures

  • IMPARTIAL ANALYSIS (Courtesy of LWV California Education Fund)
    • ENGLISH (Courtesy of LWV Diablo Valley)
    • SPANISH (Courtsy of LWV Berkeley et al)
    • CANTONESE  (Courtsy of LWV Berkeley et al)

LWV California Voting Recommendations

The League of Women Voters - a nonpartisan political organization - never endorses or opposes political parties or candidates, but we are political. We do lobby on issues concerning all levels of government upon which members have studied and reached a consensus position. 

When the LWVC has no pre-existing position relevant to a ballot measure we offer no analysis and indicate that we have 'No Position'.  When the LWVC does have a pre-existing position then we study the measure and determine whether to Support, Oppose, or remain Neutral.  For our recommendations and explanations see Ballot Recommendations.

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