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VC Supervisors Proclamation of League of Women Voters Day - Feb 14, 2020

LWV VC honored with Proclamation for "League of Women Voters Day - February 14, 2020

Ventura County Supervisors proclaim "League of Women Voters Day - February 14, 2020"

Photo courtesy of Ventura County Star - LWVVC AD37 Forum Feb 2020

Forum for AD37 Primary Candidates in February 2020

Photo courtesy of Ventura County Star

LWVVentura Co Mascot Harry T Burns

Harry T Burn, the Voter Bear of LWV of Ventura County

Harry T Burn, Voter Bear, LWV of Ventura County

Permanent Ballot Drop Box

Ballot Drop Box

Permanent Ballot Drop Box in Ventura County

pict of Kay A with face fan

VC Women's Day Festival, March 8, 2020

VC Women's Day Festival, County Museum of Ventura

Climate Strike, Ventura, Sept 20, 2019

Climate Strike, Ventura, Sept 20, 2019

Students Amanda, Tiffany and Daniel speak out for Climate Crisis

Simi Valley Latino Heritage Festival

Latino Heritage Festival, Simi Valley, Sept 21, 2019

Matty Park and Pat Butler represent the LWVVC at Simi Valley festival

Diversity Fair Ventura College

Tabling at Diversity Festival at Ventura College

LWV VC at Diversity Festival, Ventura College, April 2019

Photo of Women's March

Women's March - Ventura, January 19, 2019

LWV VC members were at the March

National Voter Registration Day, September 24, 2019

National Voter Registration Day - Sept 22, 2020

National Voter Registration Day, September 25,26

Ventura County

 Voting for the 2020 General Election ended on November 3, 2020

Ballot counting is ongoing. Presidential Electors will be certified by December 5. All other results will be certified by December 11, 2020.

FOR ELECTION RESULTS: Click here for Ventura County Only: Note these results are incomplete for races that span more than one county, like Christy Smith and Monique Limon, or Click here for California


ALL California voters received their November 2020 BALLOT IN THE MAIL 

VOTE 2020

For more information about California vote-by-mail due to COVID-19 see LWV California Statement or Governor Newsom's Press Release



After months of hard work, complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic, a bipartisan, diverse group of scholars and leaders has released a new report on IMMEDIATE steps that need to be taken in law, media, politics, and tech to avoid a November election meltdown. It's on all of us to make sure they happen. #FairElectionCrisis

 Ventura County has New Voting Machines in 2020 - See them in action!

League of Women Voters of Ventura County is celebrating 61 years of civic engagement in 2020

The League of Women Voters, founded in 1920 after ratification of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote, is a non-partisan political organization dedicated to empowering voters & defending democracy, by registering voters, educating the public about issues and elections so they can vote wisely as well as advocating for issues on which the League has developed a position.  The League does not support or oppose any particular candidate or political party.

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Event Date: 
Apr 1 2020 (All day) to Oct 15 2020 (All day)


Data collection for the 2020 census has ended.

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