Regional Governance

Regional Governance

We support the participation of local governmental entities in regional governance and decision-making.
Position In Brief: 

The League of Women Voters of Ventura County supports measures to assure that Ventura County's existing governmental entities (cities, towns, county) be required to participate in some form of regional governance to deal with problems associated with growth management, the regional governing body being able to mandate regulatory decisions (1991-92).

Position History: 

NO ACTION had been taken on this position at the time of the 2005-06 editing.

Government Position

Regional Governance

Criteria of Position:

  1. Place the major emphasis of regional governance on growth management issues, which Iinclude: transportation, air quality, open space/agriculture protection, water conservaItion/delivery, economic development/affordable housing, solid/hazardous waste, health/ Iwelfare, recreation/parks/coastal preservation.
  2. Revise tax revenue systems to eliminate competition for commercial development between jurisdictions within the county.
  3. Elect regional governance officials.
  4. Establish mechanisms to arbitrate conflicts (between governmental bodies, citizens and governments) in order to expedite environmental planning and action.
  5. Keep land-use management decisions at the local government level.

“Implications of Regional Governance for Ventura County” was studied during 1991-92. Consensus was reached by tabulating answers to a questionnaire. In addition to the positions achieved through consensus, it was agreed that compliance should be based on both incentives and sanctions, but mechanisms should be established to arbitrate conflicts. It was recognized that the role of the state government would be significant: setting guidelines and uniform regulations with funds as incentives or withholding of funds as sanctions, giving financial assistance, dispensing funds. Comments emphasized a dislike of establishing another layer of government and concern over loss of local control of land use.

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