General Resources

General Resources

Teacher and Student Resources


All publications are available in print at the Capitol Building free of charge and are provided when you take an in-person tour.

Self-Guided Tours


cover of the Connecticut State Capitol self-guided tour publicationConnecticut State Capitol Self-Guided Tour

Discover the Connecticut State Capitol just as you would on an in-person tour through this booklet. This publication is available in English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian.

cover of the Connecticut Legislative Office Building Self-Guided Tour publicationLegislative Office Building Self-Guided Tour

Discover the Legislative Office Building just as you would on an in-person tour through this booklet. This publication is available in English and Spanish.

cover of State Capitol Statuary publicationState Capitol Statuary Self-Guided Tour

Learn about the statues located on the Capitol Grounds and Capitol building facade.

Connecticut Government and Civics


cover of 2023-2024 Directory of Elected Officials publicationDirectory of Elected Officials 2023-2024

A comprehensive directory of Connecticut's political districts, elected U.S. officials, and elected state officials with contact information.

cover of A Guide to Connecticut State Government publicationConnecticut: A Guide to State Government

This guide provides an overview of Connecticut state government for students, teachers, and other interested citizens.

cover of the Art of Advocacy publicationThe Art of Advocacy

Educate yourself on the best practices for advocating or lobbying for a cause you believe in at both the state and federal level.

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cover of Let's Register to Vote publicationLet's Register to Vote

Learn how to register to vote in Connecticut from start to finish.

cover of How a Bill Becomes a Law in Connecticut publicationHow a Bill Becomes a Law in Connecticut

Follow a bill through the complete process of becoming a law in Connecticut.

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Connecticut History


cover of did you know publicationDid You Know? Capitol Facts

Discover fun facts about the Connecticut State Capitol.

cover of female firsts in connecticut government publicationFemale Firsts in Connecticut Government

Learn about some of the Connecticut women who had historic firsts in our state government.

front of connecticut suffrage rack cardWomen's Suffrage Rack Card

Learn the history of the two plaques commemorating Connecticut women who fought for the right to vote which are located in the South Lobby of the Connecticut State Capitol.

cover of the Connecticut Sites, Seals, Symbols publicationConnecticut Sites, Seals, and Symbols

Learn about important sites, seals, and symbols in Connecticut. This publication is provided by the Connecticut Secretary of the State.

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Connecticut Tourism


front of capitol information and tours brochureCapitol Information and Tours Brochure

Learn about the Capitol Information and Tours program.

front cover of capitol picture book publicationState Capitol Picture Book

Discover notable objects and aspects of the Connecticut State Capitol through pictures.

cover of the 2018 Connecticut visitor's guideConnecticut Visitor's Guide

Find new places and activities to explore in Connecticut.