Local Leagues

Local Leagues

Find a local League near you in the state of Connecticut.

Are you a League leader or member looking for resources to support your work? Visit the League Resources page.

The League started as a women's organization, accepting men as members as of 1974, and welcomes all people to join in the cause to become better informed and to work for more transparent and effective government on the municipal and state level. Members are as active as their time allows.

Where there are no local Leagues, individuals join as Connecticut State Members at Large (MALs), and when there are enough MALs in an area, they may form a new local League.

Dues are set by Local Leagues according to their plans for the coming year, hence, dues may differ from League to League. Part of each member's annual dues go to support the work done by the Leage of Women Voters of Connecticut (LWVCT) and the League of Women Voters of the Unites States (LWVUS).

See a list of active local leagues below, please click for further instructions on how to join. Ready to join now? Click HERE to join the League or to sign-up for our mailing list.