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Take Action

2020 CT Legislative Session and League of Women Voters of CT Legislative Priorities Image

LWVCT Legislative Priority Issues

Stay tuned for our goals regarding:
  • Protecting Voter Rights & Expanding Voter Access
  • Campaign Finance Reform & Money in Politics
  • Open and Transparent Government (including citizens’ right to know and public access to government information).
  • Environmental Stewardship

The 2019 Legislative Priority Issues were: 

  • Election Laws
  • Campaign Finance
  • Open Government (including citizens’ right to know and public access to government information).

As the 2019 General Assembly session got underway on January 9, 2019, the League was ready to launch our Advocacy efforts on our priority issues.  In addition, our Public Issues Team had been monitoring legislation in other LWVCT issue areas to keep us informed and up to date on any important new laws being proposed.

LWVCT LOBBY DAY was a success.  Representative Michael Winkler sponsored LWVCT and Secretary of the State Denise Merrill spoke to the activists assembled there.  Picture from Lobby Day with LWVCT Lobbyists Judy Blei and Mary Grace Peak and League members wait to speak to legislators about Early Voting.

Lobby Day 1



LWVCT urged Governor Lamont to include automatic voter registration when there was a special session of the General Assembly.  Unfortunately, the special session did not happen.

Read the article. 


Legislative update:  SB641 was not brought up for a vote in the House after the Senate last minute passage.  CEP remains unchanged as of now.  The League of Women Voters in CT, Common Cause in CT and CT Citizen Action group call on the House of Representatives and the Governor to discard the 11th hour on June 4 attack on the integrity of the Citizens’ Election Program. 

For full statement:  lwvct_ccag_ccct_june_5_2019.pdf

Call to Action on HB7160 - Increasing Voter Access and Bottle Bill HB 7294 Update



 The LWVCT Board established four priority areas for our legislative work this session.  Here is a summary of the bills our Legislative Specialists Yvonne Senturia, Pam Klem, Pua Ford, and Kathy Golas have been following. 

Call to Action on Priority Issues.pdf

EARLY VOTING CALL TO ACTION: PDF iconEarly Voting and No Excuse Absentee Ballot_apr_19.pdf

BOTTLE BILL CALL TO ACTION:PDF iconBottle Bill Substitute HB7294 information.pdf

We will be following up on our action from last year, particularly in some key areas:

Citizens Election Program (CEP): 

Early Voting:


Add your voice to LWV's advocacy campaigns! Fill out the online form or mail in this form to be a PDF icon10-Minute Activist

Sign up here to support LWV advocacy initiatives in advocacy areas of interest to you! Once you sign up, you will receive notices from LWVCT about activity in your areas of interest and calls to action related to your interests. In addition, we are creating a list of LWV members who are willing to make constituent calls.

Constituent Calls are the most effective way to effect legislation. You will be given talking points and asked to call your legislator to support or oppose upcoming legislation.


Past Successful Advocacy Efforts

National Popular Vote (NPV)

NPV Passes in Connecticut on May 5, 2018.  See https://www.nationalpopularvote.com/state/ct for more details.

Election Integrity