Citizens' Election Program

Citizens' Election Program

CEProud is a three year commitment (2016-2019) by LWVCT to raise awareness of the Citizens' Election Program - Connecticut's model program for publicly financed campaigns.

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Why CEP is a successful campaign finance program?

Connecticut was the first state to develop and enact comprehensive campaign finance reform that provides public (but not tax-funded) financing for candidates for the General Assembly and state offices. The league is grateful that 86% of the current CT State House members ran using CEP funds, and 83% of the current Senate (as of Jan 8) used CEP funds. The LWVCT strongly believes that campaign finance reform and its oversight by adequately funded regulatory agencies and/or commissions is necessary to ensure the public's "right to know", combat corruption, prevent undue influence, and enable candidates to compete equitably and fairly in the pursuit of public office and/or service.


  • In 2018, the number of women elected to serve in the CT General Assembly jumped nearly 6%, from 27.3% to 33.2% of our State Legislature/CGA.
  • More women candidates received clean election grants in 2018 under CEP than in any time in the past, with 127 grants awarded. The previous high was in 2014, when 80 women candidates applied and were awarded grants. In other words, in 2018 there were 59% more clean election grants awarded to women candidates than ever before.