How to Register Voters

How to Register Voters

Since SB 90 was signed by the governor, there are some significant changes in voter registration and changes required to register voters on behalf of the League. The best thing is to stay up to date on email communications from the LWVFL as they send out timely and helpful bulletins.


Due to the passage of SB 90 and the mandatory compliance with the law, all League members who wish to register voters under the League's purview must retake an updated version of our voter registration quiz. For clarity, at this point no matter what you must recertify with the updated version. The prior quiz has been invalidated with the new law.

A 180/180 score is now required. The quiz may be taken multiple times if needed. The quiz's validity has been extended now until May 31, 2023.


The updated training (to be studied prior to taking the quiz) can be viewed by clicking here


Take the new quiz by clicking here. The quiz is updated and has a new link. The validity of this quiz will now go until May 31, 2023. 

These materials are also available on the League Management section of

PDF icon SB 90 One Page Summary

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