Celebration of the LWVUS 100th Anniversary

Celebration of the LWVUS 100th Anniversary


Coastal Commons at Shell Point
17500 On Par Blvd.
Fort Myers Florida 33908
Florida US
Saturday, February 1, 2020 - 9:00am to 11:30am

Public Invited

Celebration of the LWVUS 100th Anniversary

SPEAKER:  Patricia Brigham, President, League of Women Voters of Florida


email reservations [at] lwvlee.org with name, address and phone number

or call 239-278-1032

Cost $20. payable at the door

Celebration includes plated breakfast.

Checks payable to League of Women Voters of Lee County

NOTE:      LWV Lee County is required to pay for each reservation, unpaid reservations and cancellations after January 27, 2020 will be billed.

Featured speaker, Patricia Brigham, President of the League of Women Voters of Florida is a proven national and Florida grassroots leader and coalition builder.  Brigham will address league priorities and work including election reform, voting rights, preservation of natural resources, prevention of gun violence, juvenile justice, health care, and economic opportunities for all.

The League of Women Voters was founded by Carrie Chapman Catt in 1920 during the convention of the National American Woman Suffrage Association. The convention was held just six months before the 19th amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified, giving women the right to vote after a 72-year struggle.

The League began as a "mighty political experiment" designed to help 20 million women carry out their new responsibilities as voters. It encouraged them to use their new power to participate in shaping public policy. From the beginning, the League has been an activist, grassroots organization whose leaders believed that citizens should play a critical role in advocacy. It was then, and is now, a nonpartisan organization.  

Read more about the League's history here:  https://www.lwv.org/about-us/history

More than 700 local and state League chapters are celebrating this historic milestone and the League’s commitment to Making Democracy Work.

The League of Women Voters United States President, Chris Carson, issued the following statement regarding the League’s efforts ahead: “Today we are faced with many challenges that threaten to compromise our democracy. Our efforts to support voting rights and to fight against voter suppression and discrimination at the local, state and national levels have been very successful, and this has been achieved primarily by educating and empowering voters, circulating special petitions, and intervening in several critical court cases.”

The League’s historic commitment to register, educate and mobilize voters is not only stronger, but more effective than ever with the utilization of tools including VOTE411.org—a cutting-edge election information website utilized by millions of voters each election cycle. 

“We will continue to fight voter discrimination and to keep secret money out of our elections to ensure that our elections are fair, free and accessible,” said Patricia Brigham, President of the LWV of Florida. “We’ll also continue to push for improved access to health care as well as recognizing that Climate Change is a scientific reality that must be addressed to ensure a sustainable planet for everyone.”

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lwvlee [at] lwvlee.org
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