Electoral College and National Polular Vote (NPV) Controversies Forum

Electoral College and National Polular Vote (NPV) Controversies Forum


FGCU Margaret Sugden Welcome Center
9900 FGCU South Court
Fort Myers Florida 33913
Florida US
Tuesday, September 17, 2019 - 7:30pm to 8:00pm


Speakers will discuss the National Popular Vote (NPV) movement in the U.S.; the history of the Electoral College; and discuss why and how many believe the current process of electing the US President and Vice President should be changed. Time for participant questions at the end.  Speakers include:

  • Ms. Jan Lonsdale, National Popular Vote (NPV) Lead for the League of Women Voters of Lee County will introduce speakers and give a brief update on NPV legislation in the U.S.
  • Mr. Patrick Rosenstiel, CEO of Ainsley Shea, a Twin Cities-based public affairs firm with a worldwide impact, serves as a senior consultant to the National Popular Vote campaign.  Rosenthiel is a political commentator, nationally recognized in public affairs, international relations, public relations and market research.
  • Dr. Roger Green, Chair of the FGCU Political Sciences Department.

The League of Women Voters of the United States believes that the direct-popular-vote method for electing the President and Vice President is essential to representative government and supports the use of the National Popular Vote Compact as one acceptable way to achieve the goal of the direct popular vote for election of the president.  The LWV of Florida supports the election of the President and Vice president by direct popular vote and supports the National Popular Vote Compact (LWVUS).  The League is working to educate the public and legislators about the benefits of legislation that would instruct our electors to vote for the Presidential candidate who captures the most votes in all 50 states. 

Register through Eventbrite:  Due to the limited capacity of the auditorium, admittance is assured for those who register, additional people will be admitted as space allows. There is no charge for this event, but attendees must register on Eventbrite to be admitted.

Sponsors:  League of Women Voters of Lee County Florida and Florida Gulf Coast University Department of Political Science and Public Administration

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lwvlee [at] lwvlee.org
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