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How to Contact Us

Telephone: 314-961-6869

Mail: LWV of Metro St. Louis
8706 Manchester Rd. Suite 104
St. Louis, MO 63144

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Title Name Email
Co-presidents Nancy J. Miller and Louise Wilkerson president [at]
Treasurer  Steve Smith  Treasurer [at]
Secretary Nancy Price Secretary [at]
Executive Director Jean Dugan Executivedirector [at]
Membership - 1st VP Angie Dunlap Membership [at]
Volunteer Coordinator - 2nd VP Barbara Harris Volunteers [at]
Voter Registration Catherine Stenger VoterRegistration [at]
Speakers Bureau Nancy Price SpeakersBureau [at]
Voters Guide Anne Sappington VotersGuide [at]
Candidates Forums Barbara Harris CandidateForums [at]
Education Committee Susan Turk Education [at]
Health Care Committee Irma Ruebling Health [at]
Environmental Quality Committee Mickey Croyle EnvironmentalQuality [at]
Early Voting Committee Joan Hubbard EarlyVoting [at]
National Popular Vote Committee Sydell Shayer NPV [at]
Policing Study Group Mary Leopold Policing [at]
In-League Reporter Editor Sherri Pogue ILR [at]
Observer Corps Sue Williams ObserverCorps [at]

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