Election Director/Supervisor Interviews

Election Director/Supervisor Interviews

Bahr interview video

Check out these LWVSTL interviews with those supervising elections in the St. Louis Metro region.


 Interview with St. Charles County Election Director, Kurt Bahr

Bahr interview video


Interview with St. Louis County BOE director Eric Fey.



Eric Fey dispelling absentee ballot myth.



Eric Fey's Response on Covid-19 safety at the polls



The Governor and Secretary of State have not provided statewide guidance on voting during the COVID-19 pandemic. St. Louis City, St. Louis County and several other jurisdictions are allowing voters to request an absentee ballot with the one excuse that doesn't require a notary: confinement due to illness or injury. Contact your local election authority for more information.

St. Louis City Board of Elections, 314-622-4336, www.stlelections.com

St. Louis County Board of Elections, 314-615-1800, www.stlouisco.com/elections

Jefferson County Clerk, 636-797-5487, www.jeffcomo.org/clerk

Franklin County Clerk, 636-583-6355, www.franklinmo.org

St. Charles County Clerk, 636-949-7550, www.sccmo.org/960/Election-Services

Lincoln County Clerk, 636-528-6300, www.lincolncountymoclerk.gov

Warren County Clerk, 636-456-3331, www.warrencountymoclerk.com

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